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Extracting Audio Tracks from Movies

If you have used your Smartphone camera to both capture video and the neural audio recording, here are ways you can rip and convert the audio files into .wav formats that you can then subject to neural analysis.

If you have a Mac

  1. Open your movie using Quicktime
  2. Select File---> Export ---> audio only. This was extract the audio track as a .m4a file.
  3. Open the .m4a file in Audacity. Ignore the error; it will still work.
  4. Under the Menu "Tracks" select "Stereo Track to Mono"
  5. Select File---> Export ---> .wav

You can also use iTunes to convert the audio track into a .wav file

  1. In Preferences---> General ---> Import CD settings
  2. Select "WAV encoder"
  3. Select "Settings" --> Custom --> Channels --> 1
  4. Import the audio file into iTunes. Right click the file and select "create WAV version"

If you have a PC

This is slightly more "nerdy," so let us know if you know of any simpler programs. First, download and open VLC

  1. Select "Media"--> "Convert/Save"
  2. Select "Add Video" --> add your video file you downloaded from your smartphone
  3. Select "Convert/Save"
  4. in "Destination" ---> name the new file "XXXX.wav"
  5. Select the Settings button (gears/tools icon), select "Audio Codec"
  6. Unders "Channels," select "1"
  7. Go back to main window, and select "Start"
  8. Your converted .wav file will then be saved.

You are good to go! You can now analyze the .wav file in any program of your choice (SpikeHound, the BYB Neural Recorder, Matlab, Audacity, etc..)

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