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Giving Demo's to Large Audiences

Our engineering department is working hard on the next generation of the SpikerBox. The chief user request we’ve received is to make the SpikerBox louder; in fact, loud enough for large classrooms. Making this audio component both loud AND stable has been a major challenge, but we like challenges at Backyard Brains.

Another common user request is to have the ability to both use the iPhone/iPad/Android and hear the spikes at the same time. At the moment, the iPhone OS / Android doesn’t allow playthrough (please Google and Apple, do this for us?), but below is a cheap hardware solution that also solves the loudness issue. Go to your friendly neighborhood RadioShack, and purchase:

1) A mini Audio Amplifier for $14.99: This portable audio speaker amp will allow your spikes to be loud enough for a large classroom or lecture hall. It needs a 9V battery.

2) A Y-adapter for $3.99 to split the output of the SpikerBox to two outputs, so that you can plug in both the iPhone/iPad and the loud audio speaker

3) a 1/8 audio cable for $4.99 to go from the SpikerBox (or Y-splitter plugged into the SpikerBox) to the audio speaker.

Note: the Y-adapter and audio cables listed are the monaural versions. The Stereo Versions (cable and Y-splitter links here) will also work fine but are $1-3 more. We usually buy the stereo versions anyway, as they are useful for other audio projects. Here is the standard lab class set-up. The iPad works even better for lecture halls.


Note: our kind friends at RadioShack customer service actually sent us the circuit diagram for the audio amplifier! This scan is how we actually received it. Notice they have put a transistor in front of the LM386. We are experimenting with a similar arrangement. Stay tuned!

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