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Welcome to the Backyard Brains Support Wiki page. Below we have articles written about a number of questions people have had about our gear or Backyard Brains in general.

Useful Information

The following articles are not experiments, but rather good information to know.

Note Name Description
1 Ethical Issues Regarding Using Invertebrates in Education We respond to commonly-raised questions regarding our work. You can use these as starting points in your classroom discussions on animal experiments.
2 Getting Your Recordings on a Computer for Analysis Here we explain how to get your SpikerBox recordings on a computer so you can begin making data discoveries.
3 Cockroach Husbandry We explain how to care for your cockroaches and crickets.
4 Louder SpikerBox If you are doing a demo in a large classroom, here's how to make the spikes loud enough for everyone to hear.
5 DIY Smartphone Cable If you have some spare parts and cables, you can make your own smartphone cable instead of buying it from us.
6 Two Channel Test Ready to begin two channel experiments? Fancy! First you need to see if your laptop can record two analog channels.
7 Spikes Library Would you like some sample recording files to play with? Here we begin our library of spikes from various creatures.
8 RoboRoach Surgery A step-by-step description of how to install and demonstrate your RoboRoach Circuit
9 Cricket Leg Electrode Placement With careful placement of your electrodes, you can get as good responses from a cricket as you can with a cockroach.
10 Recommended Gear Whether you are giving a quick demo or a three day neurophysiology lab, here we tell you what you need.
11 Some Readings If you are looking for some books to supplement our materials, we give you a growing list.
12 EMG Electrode Info Do you want to record stronger, cleaner EMG signals? Try using electrode patches with conductive electrode gel. We will show you where to buy it and how to make your own!
13 Extracting Audio Tracks from Movies If you are using your phone's camera app to both record video of an experiment while simultaneously recording spikes, here we show how to extract the audio track for neural analysis.
14 3D Printing Tips from Users Some people have taken the plunge and 3D printed our scopes and manipulators themselves. Here are some examples.